A status on Aimplas project deliveries

In addition to being responsible for the overall project management in JOSPEL, Spanish partner AIMPLAS is also developing the heating plates that will be installed in the doors of the project test vehicles from Alké and DOK-ING.

In the past year, AIMPLAS has been developing these heating prototypes consisting of rigid, thermoplastic panels, and tests reveal that they have very low power consumption. In combination with the heating fabrics that have also been developed in the project, they actually reduce the power consumption with more than 60% compared to existing heating systems in electric vehicles – well beyond the project objective of 30% reduction. This leaves room for installing more heating devices, if the optimal heating comport is not reached with the current configuration. The next step will be to install the components in the test vehicles and test them in real driving conditions.

Compound Researcher, Vanessa Gutiérrez Aragonés, explains this work in the video below.