CTAG’s role in the JOSPEL project

JOSPEL partner CTAG – The Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia – is an organisation created to offer advanced technological solutions to the automotive sector, e.g. by supporting the permanent quest for continuous improvement and new technology for products and manufacturing processes.

At their facilities in the Galicia region of Spain, CTAG has a full-vehicle climatic chamber with solar radiation available. Here, CTAG is responsible for the demo lab that will determine if the various JOSPEL devices installed in the test vehicles perform according to the project requirements – it is also where the project HVAC tests are carried out. In this completely controlled environment, CTAG engineers can simulate weather conditions from anywhere in world – be it African desert heat or freezing Siberian winter.

Initially, CTAG established a preliminary demo lab with one of the test vehicles to determine the starting point of the project. Furthermore, CTAG has developed a numerical simulation model, where they are able to do preliminary simulations of the Joule and Peltier devices, even though these are not yet integrated in the final vehicles.

In addition to the demo lab, CTAG also participates in the development of heating plates that will be installed in the test vehicles from Alké and DOK-ING.

In the video below, R&D Engineer Carlos Bandrés Diéguez elaborates on CTAG’s role in JOSPEL.