DOK-ING’s role in the JOSPEL project

A number of research institutions, large companies and SMEs from various industry sectors join forces in the JOSPEL project to develop a novel and energy efficient climate system for electric vehicles. But what is their motivation for participating, and what do they hope to get out it? In the video below. DOK-ING explains why they are part of JOSPEL.

DOK-ING is a privately owned Croatian company, which was established back in 1991 and registered for the production of robotized and special purpose systems and equipment. In 2009, DOK-ING decided to start an electric car development project in 2009 and today, the project has evolved from the concept stage to a point where prototypes are fully functional.

One of the electrical vehicle concepts is the Loox, which is designed as a luxury city car but at the same time built for more adventurous delight in driving and speed. Together with Alkè’s ATX Heavy Duty electric vehicle, the Loox is a test vehicle in the JOSPEL and will have the project’s innovative new heating and cooling system installed.

In the video below, Tomislav Boško, Integrated Management System Advisor at DOK-ING, explains about DOK-ING’s motivation for participating in the JOSPEL project.