Succesful workshop concluded the JOSPEL project

Two weeks ago, the JOSPEL project hosted it final workshop in Vigo, Spain together with the OPTEMUS and XERIC projects – and the event was successful.

The workshop in Vigo, which was hosted by JOSPEL partner CTAG, attracted more than 85 participants, and it marked the official end of the JOSPEL project. With XERIC and JOSPEL now finished, and OPTEMUS close to completion, the three Horizon 2020 projects presented their results at the workshop – and they were positive.

For instance, the work carried out over the past three and a half years in JOSPEL has resulted in energy savings of more than 57% for heating and cooling systems combined with optimized thermal management, eco-driving technologies, weight reduction and improved cabin insulation. In fact, some of the developed components are almost ready for market introduction, and hopefully we will soon see them in electric vehicles worldwide.

In the first video below, Lamberto Salvan from Alké Electric Vehicles talks about the potential of the JOSPEL technologies, which have been installed in one of the Alké vehicles.

In the second video, EU Project Officer, David Guedj talks about the synergies between JOSPEL, OPTEMUS and XERIC, and why the collaboration among the three projects is quite unique.