Successful joint application for Common Dissemination Booster

Together with fellow H2020 projects XERIC and OPTEMUS, JOSPEL has successfully applied for three services under a brand new offering from the European Commission: The Common Dissemination Booster. The first two services – Portfolio Identification plus Stakeholder and End-User Mapping – have already been initiated.

The Common Dissemination Booster  – or CDB – is a brand new service from the European Commission which is free of charge and available to all European, National, and Regional funded Research & Innovation projects to help them maximize their impact on the market. The booster encourages projects to come together to identify a common portfolio of results and shows them how best to disseminate to end-users, with an eye on exploitation opportunities.

With the excellent collaboration that already existed between XERIC, OPTEMUS and JOSPEL, it seemed like an obvious choice to apply for three of these services, and luckily the application was successful.

The three services that the project cluster has acquired are: Portfolio Identification, Stakeholder and End-User Mapping, and Portfolio Dissemination Plan Development.

Service 1 – Portfolio Identification
Define your portfolio of results and attributes in common across the Project Group.

Join forces with other projects to complement and reinforce your results! The CDB will help you to define a compelling portfolio of results across your Project Group.

Service 2 – Stakeholder/End-User Mapping
Identify and prioritise your stakeholders and build the networks you need to reach them.

Want to maximise the impact of your coordinated dissemination effort?
Find out who are the principal players and movers you need to address: the CDB will help you figure out the main dissemination channels, multipliers and networks most appropriate for your Project Group.

Service 3 – Portfolio Dissemination Plan Development
Plan how to use dissemination tools to reach the right audience in the right way at the right time.

What is better than a truly impact-driven approach for your dissemination?
Let the CDB help you to devise the most effective market-facing dissemination strategy to maximise uptake of complementary results within your CDB Project Group.