Unique insights into the JOSPEL technologies


In the JOSPEL Project, we are developing a novel energy efficient climate system for the optimization of interior temperature control management in electrical vehicles.

Consequently, we are working with cutting edge technology and innovative solutions in the fields of heating and cooling, battery optimization and systems integration.

In the videos below, some of our partners provide a unique insight into the project, including the background for choosing the various technologies, the benefits of the technologies, and how the technologies interact.

If you are interested in learning more about the project technologies or wish to participate in our industrial follow group to gain more knowledge about technological advancements, please our project manager at

A Low Energy Heating System Based on Joule Effect

By Vanessa Gutiérrez Aragonés from AIMPLAS

From Cell to System: Battery System design

By Maximilian Bruch, M.Sc. from Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE

Real time energy efficiency optimization in connected electrical vehicles

By Juan Rico from Atos Research and Innovation

Thermoelectrics for a low energy thermal management

By Silvia Ortega from CIDETE Ingenieros S.L.