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What do I need to know about PhenQ?

Weight loss is a major concern for many people, and sometimes a real health issue. Having excess fat is really not pleasant and can be a limiting factor for self-confidence and personal development. The battle to maintain your figure can quickly become difficult to win. The classics of regular exercise and diet, while beneficial, have insufficient results.

Helping oneself with an external product has become a normal solution even if in the multitude of proposals, more or less effective, present on the market, making the right choice proves difficult. If you are desperate to find the product that allows you to reach your goals without risking harmful side effects, PhenQ is certainly what you need. What is it really worth? Our opinion!

PhenQ: What’s that?

The PhenQ is a fat-burner type product designed for all those who wish to lose weight quickly without having to adhere to rigorous sports or diet programs. A dietary supplement made from natural extracts, it has the particularity (unlike many others on the market) of combining three functions necessary for effective and lasting weight loss.

In addition to burning fat as quickly as possible, the PhenQ combines an appetite suppressant action with it and boosts the user’s energy. This makes the product marketed by Wolfson Berg Limited, a subsidiary of Bauer Group DMCC, a slimming solution that is in great demand by many people.

PhenQ is sold in a box containing about 60 tablets.

Description of the slimming effects of PhenQ

The results of the PhenQ food supplement come from its ability to generate a combination of actions on the consumer’s body. These are mainly :

Acceleration of cellular metabolism

Basal metabolism is the set of physico-chemical actions by which the cells of the animal body transform energy and use it for its functioning. PhenQ acts on the organism to accelerate this basic metabolic process by increasing the cells’ energy requirements. To respond to this cellular demand, the body increases the combustion of calories from food.

On the other hand, the same energy requirement of the cells forces the body to draw from its stock of calories, which are transformed into fat. This causes the adipose tissue, the main reservoirs of fat mass, to disappear and promotes considerable weight loss. The advantage of this PhenQ principle is that it is no longer necessary to be in the gym or on a rowing machine at home all the time to get rid of the body’s fat stocks.

Stopping the storage of fat mass

Thanks to its active ingredients, PhenQ slows down the body’s ability to produce and store fat. The acceleration of the basal metabolism forces the body to spend the entire caloric intake from food. This eliminates any possibility of future fat storage and therefore avoids gaining extra kilograms. The general observation is that the vast majority of people regain weight very quickly, and even more than in the past, after a diet. The Bauer Group DMCC dietary supplement puts an end to this annoying game of ping-pong of lost kilograms and found kilograms. The user can now enjoy the new body shape that has been achieved through laborious effort.

Reducing the need to eat

Good management of the physiological need to eat is an important factor in the weight loss process. The evidence is that overweight is a result of poor eating habits. The PhenQ includes an appetite suppressant active ingredient in its composition whose role is to reduce the feeling of hunger in the consumer. It frees them from the need to snack between meals and encourages the reduction of food portions thanks to a rapid feeling of satiety. This is very favourable for not gaining weight, but above all for losing weight because there is no longer any superfluous calorie intake.

A boost of energy

One of the disadvantages of a diet is the lack of energy in those trying to lose weight. This is due to the low caloric intake required from the diet. It’s quite the opposite with the PhenQ. In addition to the increase in energy output due to the metabolic acceleration of the cells, the PhenQ promotes energy intake in the user. The user does not need to deprive himself of food to get rid of his extra pounds. These components also contain active ingredients to boost the vitality of those who consume it. They are 100% available for their professional activities and to participate fully in family life.

Mood preservation

Not being able to eat enough and especially not being able to eat what one likes inevitably generates a deep sense of frustration, not only for the body, but also for the person. This is the lot of most people who follow a drastic diet. Since the PhenQ does not at any time require food deprivation for the person who uses it, there is no impact on his or her morale and mood. The permanent stress involved in avoiding foods with high caloric potential does not exist either.

As a result, PhenQ consumers maintain their moods intact. Better still, the beneficial effects of the product on their body impact their morale and self-confidence and reflect on their work and their surroundings. This makes all the difference with other products.

What is the composition of PhenQ?

The PhenQ food supplement is the latest generation fat burner developed by the renowned Bauer Group DMCC. Its main ingredient is α-Lacys Reset®, an exclusive active ingredient in the product that is reinforced by other components. These are :

  • the nopal
  • caffeine
  • chromium picolinate
  • the capsimax
  • l-carnitine
  • calcium carbonate

It is necessary to know a little more about all its components.

  • α-Lacys Reset®

The α-Lacys Reset® is the main component of the PhenQ. The formulation of this active ingredient remains the preserve of the manufacturing company. There is very little information about it. However, it has been scientifically proven that it is notably at the basis of the increase in the rate of cellular metabolism that makes this fat burner so effective.

  • The Nopal

Still called prickly pear, the Nopal has been used for generations to fight against water retention and as a natural appetite suppressant. The Nopal fibre extracts contained in PhenQ reduce the urge to eat outside of normal hours, and activate the feeling of satiety during meals. They also prevent the absorption of fat during digestion. Fat is then evacuated through the stool, preventing the body from storing it.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is known to be a stimulant for the nervous system. It helps to maintain good concentration and especially to fight against fatigue. It is an excellent asset to keep the user active and motivated. Anything that helps to expend energy, reduce stress and improve mood.

  • The Capsimax

Capsimax complements the action of α-Lacys Reset® by reinforcing the thermogenic activity of the body. It is a combination of three ingredients: niacin (vitamin B3), a thermogenesis stimulant, piperine, which reduces the absorption of fats (lipids) and capsicum, a basic metabolism stimulant. Its ingestion contributes to the calorie expenditure necessary for weight loss.

  • Chromium Picolinate

It is a nutrient naturally present in the diet. It regulates the amount of sugar present in the body. Its ingestion increases the body’s feeling of satiety and therefore an appetite-suppressant action. This substance is the very key to the reduction of food portions beneficial to the maintenance of the body line. An action that reinforces that of Nopal for greater efficiency.

  • L-carnitine

It is naturally synthesized by the body and can also be provided by certain foods (meats, eggs, avocados, …). Carnitine contributes to the transformation of fatty acids into the ATP needed by the muscles. Thanks to this function, it participates in the breakdown of fat and also in the strengthening and firmness of the muscles. This is very interesting for obtaining a perfect figure.

  • Calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate is essential for healthy bones, healthy cell function and good blood circulation. These three properties are essential for effective weight loss. The basic metabolic process necessary for fat burning depends on the proper functioning of the cells. Cells cannot function properly without normal blood circulation and strong bones ensure that physical activity is maintained. This is what explains the addition of this ingredient to the composition of PhenQ.

Obviously, each of the ingredients used in the composition of PhenQ has been carefully selected by the manufacturer in order to achieve the desired result. Apart from α-Lacys Reset®, the secret of which remains undisclosed, it is possible to find several studies on the internet on these components and proving their effectiveness for weight loss.

How can I use Phenq to get good results?

PhenQ food supplement is available in tablet form to be swallowed with a large glass of water. The recommended dosage is two tablets per day, taken at breakfast and lunch. Intake should be taken at least twenty minutes before meals. The duration of use depends on the individual user and the goals he or she has set. However, for successful results, a minimum of two to three months of use may be required.

What else should I know about PhenQ?

A lot of information is circulating on the Net. These include side effects, user opinions and other opinions.

Side effects

Prior to its commercialization, PhenQ was submitted for validation by major national and regional institutions for the surveillance and control of food and pharmaceutical products intended for the public. This is already an assurance of its quality and health effects.

However, these authorisations alone are not sufficient to justify the absence of any side effects of the product. To date, however, there are no advisories, albeit negative, regarding side effects.

Quality guarantees and authorizations

PhenQ is manufactured in the United States by Bauer Group DMCC Laboratories and marketed by its subsidiary Wolfson Berg Limited. For its commercialization, the manufacturer has required marketing authorizations. In Uncle SAM’s home country, the highly reputable Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued the authorization. In the United Kingdom, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) signed the marketing authorization. The Bauer Group DMCC laboratories also had the product approved by the European food and pharmaceutical control authorities. It can therefore be said that PhenQ meets the safety standards for medicinal products.

User opinions about PhenQ

The majority of returns after use on the PhenQ are very positive. There is a large number of them on the internet. Most of them boast of having achieved amazing results after only a few days of use. They focus on the reduction of appetite from the first day of use of the product. A reduction that is completely eliminated as the days go by. No more snacking between meals! Some opinions point above all to maintaining vitality throughout the day, unlike other products experienced in the past. Others point out that they have regained confidence in their bodies and the pleasure of life by taking the product.

The few negative opinions recorded here and there are generally competition-related and do not often reflect the descriptions shared above. For the negative returns that actually come from people who have tried the product, it appears that the product is not a miracle cure as many sites try to pass it off as a miracle cure. On the other hand, they do stress the importance of continuing to be regularly active in order to achieve meaningful goals. It also shows that a change in eating habits is essential to obtain convincing effects.

In summary, the PhenQ is a great success with users. This is not surprising given that the manufacturer is a good reference in the manufacture of dietary supplements.

Our opinion on Phenq

In our opinion, the PhenQ is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to lose weight. The ingredients chosen for its composition are well known for their actions in favour of energy expenditure and therefore fat burning. The major advantage of the product is the fact that it is not necessary to deprive oneself of food to have good results. However, it seems certain that a healthy diet and the practice of a sport activity are always useful for maintaining a perfect body line.


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